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Jonna's Story
Jonna started doing readings in the early 2000s.  She gave free readings in her boutique to strangers and shoppers until she met up with someone who put her on the radio!
That changed everything!  She has made a living doing readings, parties and events ever since! 
Jonna has been featured on many, many radio shows, even Sirius XM radio!
Magic 98 featured Jonna for the Women's Wellness Retreat in 2020, and had the most success they had ever had for the retreat! 
Jonna has many classes and students in her studio. Classes are in the fall and winter. All classes are listed on the website. 
Jonna travels and does as many live shows as she can. She has recently produced a show called "Comedium"  bringing in comics at the end of her show!
That has been a huge success. She has really found some funny people in Wisconsin and Illinois! 
20,000 readings in 20 years is an underestimation. 
As Jonna rarely takes a day off. 
Mediums like to claim to say they are "Evidentail and such". Jonna is not going to blow smoke. She gives names, dates and stories and descriptions of your loved ones on the other side. You can call that whatever you want. She is authentic. She is honest and she is fun!  
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