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10 Minute Tarot Reading
Video chat only, perfect for a few questions or a quick check-in. This is NOT connecting with the other side, not mediumship.  30.00
20 Minute Mediumship 
Connecting to loved ones on the otherside. Jonna is known for getting names, feeling the energy of how someone has passed and even things they may have said before passing. Video chat or in person, can be combined with the 10 minute Tarot.

40 Minute Medium, Tarot, Oracle and Chakra Balance
A full service reading, leaving you feeling amazing! 

Inuitive Chat, Life Coach Advice
When you just need to talk something through and get some help with how to start using your own intuition on the situation. Some honest truth, meditation and mindful expertise from the gut and the heart.

120 an hour. 
Mentorship Program
Change your life! learn the basics of psychic deveopment in 4 sessions!
Then learn the deeper levels, how to get names, feel health and learn how to stand in front of an audience and tune into an audience member. 
4 session basic, individual, 4 week course, $500.
8 session deep level indiviaul, 8 week course $800
2 person or more 
4 session basic 4 week, $300
8 session deep level $600   Text to set up dates and times 608-313-4596
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